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Technology advanced technical renovation project h




  Writer:NANING CHEMICAL GROUP CO.,LTD. Click:18867 Addtime:2006-8-16 6:32:50

Currently, the company is implementing technical renovation project is the largest investment ever in the South of technology projects, but also to project the highest contents, highlights the most.   

No.1 bright spot, the use of Japan's Asahi Kasei caustic soda production of high-current density ion-exchange membrane cell. Production of caustic soda electrolytic cell is the core equipment. Caustic soda production techniques and devices by the power supply, Groove unipolar structure and processes divided into mandatory recycling - ion cell, a very complex type of ion-exchange membrane mandatory recycling chutes, natural circulation unipolar-ion cell, a very complex natural-ion cell cycle four. By ion-exchange membrane of the cell current density operation can be divided into low current density and high-current density ion-exchange membrane electrolysis Electromembrane two. High current density operation of the ion-exchange membrane cell current density of 4.0-4.6 per square meter 1,000 security, low current density ion-exchange membrane electrolyzer operating at a current density of 3.3 per 1,000 square meters security. Ion - exchange membrane electrolyzer high current density and low-density ion exchange membrane cells, with high production efficiency, a one-time investment, smaller footprint, lower operating cost advantages. Therefore, high current density of the natural cycle-ion cell has a complex and very complicated and very-high-current density and the advantage of the natural cycle, which is one of the most advanced devices in the production of caustic soda. Technological transformation projects using high current density naturally very complex ion-exchange membrane electrolysis device three sets each, the ability to 2x104t/a.   

NO.2 bright spots, salt refining the use of new techniques. Soda salt refining process is critical processes, the effect of refining the direct impact on the quality and output of caustic soda. Comparing with the traditional salt refining process, the new process using membrane filtration HVM refining technology with the process short of space, no sand filter, precision filters, eliminating the cellulose Precoatable the workload to avoid secondary pollution silicon; Filtration high accuracy and quality of brine stability and handling capacity is greater. Meanwhile, the elimination of a large number of natural brine organics, extending the life of the ion-exchange membrane and resin column.

NO.3, the development of new domestic production polymerization using automatic devices large polymerizer new technique, which is small compared with reactor output, automatic confined feeding, production operations, stable, stable product quality, and better security features production;

NO.4 bright spots, the monomer recovery technology using unique new technology, specially designed filters and washing. The ring compressor work and the creation of an independent water supply system, safety equipment operating normally;

NO.5 bright spot, the dryer and drying using a specially designed cyclone, with the dryer air systems complement each other, DCS control of the whole process, the dry material to avoid overheating, and the quality is poor;

NO.6 bright spot, using advanced technology, VST distillation;

NO.7 bright spot, stripping, the use of special technical devices designed without the weir flow through sieve column, through precision control of PVC resin stay in the houses, vacuum recovery from drug abuse recovery PCE; DCS control package installations, thereby greatly improving the operating environment and labor intensity of operators. As the new 60,000-ton PVC production installations in a series of advanced technologies, so as to achieve the advanced level of similar decorations.
NO.8 bright spot, adopted a 12-pulse rectifier rectifier technology and digital control devices. The rectifier technology is more advanced technology. In the 6-pulse rectifier for rectifying device control and simulation technology. Analog control in the application of control technology components more vulnerable to environmental changes caused trigger angle appeared asymmetry parameter value changes, resulting in the control rectifier control difficulties and instability in many parts and circuit components are prone to failure and damage. Using computer digital control technology for accurate calculation, judgment and control of external components greatly reduced, so that device failure rate dropped significantly improve the accuracy and reliability of the control. Taking 12-pulse rectifier technology, further reducing the harmonic voltage and current to the grid, improving the quality of electricity supply.

NO.9, the use of Japan's Yokogawa Elec CENTUN-CS3000 distributed control system for production of caustic soda, PVC production process monitoring. The system can process parameters to achieve the real-time measurement and control technology to provide a wealth of information that is conducive to the improvement and optimization of the production process, while providing operating systems for the operation of the visual guide, users will be able to operate through the screen or menu, very layered. Can be overcome using conventional instruments of control precision and accuracy, low, intermediate conversion of links and many fault points, MTBF reliability can be both short-poor and so on numerous shortcomings, with high reliability, can guarantee the safety of production, a stable and reliable long-term operation, we will be able to effectively enhance the production process control, lower production costs, improve productivity, enhance economic efficiency, but can also greatly enhance the management level of enterprises to reduce production workers in the labor intensity.



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