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Nanning Chemical Co. Ltd. will exchange photographs online Share Reform




  Writer:NANING CHEMICAL GROUP CO.,LTD. Click:13014 Addtime:2006-8-6 4:55:06

  At 9:30 a.m. on September 23, the Nanjing Chemical Industry Corporation (hereinafter referred to the south of) vehicles emitting smoke, followed sharp wail of sirens resounded through the whole factory, several workers wearing gas masks went to support each other safe areas, the company received an emergency rescue squadron : posts a chlorine-alkali plant processing workshop on the 2nd of liquid chlorine tank of liquid chlorine suddenly burst pipe imports, a massive chlorine leak, resulting in nearly 15 workers poisoned the scene, unknown and in critical condition. Alarm South immediately after the start of a contingency plan : Rescue : And the pipeline explosion occurred a few days ago in Southern Share, the "explosion" is a meticulously planned Nanning City Work Safety Supervision Bureau of dangerous chemicals serious emergency rescue drill.

  During the emergency rescue drill, the accident occurred south of the delay in reporting the incident, linked prompt Alarming, 110, 120, 122 and 119 and other rescue teams quickly rushed to the scene of the accident, the entire rescue process orderly busy but not in a state of chaos, the scene is the police, security, traffic flow, the wounded for treatment, pollution control, or plugging the scene, emergency command, accurate place, a scene rescue, communications, information dissemination and logistical support complete linkage system, which has basically reached a serious emergency rescue procedures.

  It is reported that Nanning City arranged for the "two section" of goods prior to the current crisis is to target major emergency rescue drill, emergency rescue training exercise designed to improve urban security system, further improve the Nanning City's emergency response capability to deal with all types of emergencies.

  Author : Li Ning Source : Xinguiwang - Contemporary Al-Hayat



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