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Two companies active labor competition




  Writer:NANING CHEMICAL GROUP CO.,LTD. Click:14435 Addtime:2006-8-14 1:59:11

  Recently, groups and joint-stock companies in order to realize this year's industrial output value and sales income, profits, taxes and technology projects, active labor emulation, through the activities of the two companies to promote safe production, enhance economic efficiency, as in Nanning city's "innovative economic Cup" race, which was to create conditions for good results.

  First, the labor competition than breakthrough products output, quality, competition indicators; Second, more than technological change, technological innovation, quantity and innovation; Third, it is no more than production safety accident rate reached 1,000 wounded; Fourth purposes than saving, increase revenue and reduce expenditure and increase effectiveness of a good year; Fifth, it is more than self-training, technological advances, when learning of staff, the staff of higher quality.

  This race winning units and individuals, the two companies provide perverse incentives, and a one-time year-end incentives will be given honorary awards.

  Also at the hearing : "the creation of the National Nanning, the capital city", in order to strengthen the organization and leadership, the Southern Party committees of the two companies set up a "product of the city" and the Leading Group Office.



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