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Precise plants to save water and reduce costs




  Writer:NANING CHEMICAL GROUP CO.,LTD. Click:15004 Addtime:2006-8-16 6:32:06

Fine works better cost management and actively looking for water efficiency, water conservation work and achieved initial results. Domestic water consumption of 2004 tons from 42.672 tons in 2003 to 35.278 tons, a decrease of 17.3%. 1-5 months of this year, tons of domestic water consumption of 28.8% over that of last year. 2001 is 20.1%. It not only reduces the cost of production, and reduce pollution. Economic and social benefits are obvious.

First, the attention of the fundamental guarantee for water conservation. Plant leadership attached great importance to water conservation, the use of regular meetings publicize the importance of water conservation. Factory also save water management systems and incentives, and fully mobilize the enthusiasm, as every member of its staff to conserve water initiative. Second, the transformation of water through the process. Taiwan posts 18 dry exhaust filtering chutes, original positions with only two taps, washing materials are usually used tube of water, not only waste water but to increase the labor intensity. Later, the factory pipes are installed adjacent to each Taiwan Ⅵ groove, I believe, is a one-third reduction in the consumption of water, reducing the labor intensity.

Factory by several water ring vacuum pump, since put into operation, the working fluid is discharged trench, resulting in tremendous waste. From the fourth quarter of last year, they began work on a pond full use of idle recovery and saving of 700 cubic meters a day.

As production continues to expand the scale of the original plant cooling tower can no longer meet the needs of work, especially in summer, to reduce temperature, the need to keep high-temperature cooling water discharge, waste a lot of water. Two years ago, the original factory will be replaced by two low-power cooling tower of power cooling tower, but also a new cooling tower, thus greatly reducing the amount of cooling water. Copper pot in the cooling water chlorination kits, in the past emissions gullies. Last year, the plant cooling water to the pond recovery cycle use, and 80 tons of water a year. Third, the introduction of new technology and new equipment to achieve water. Drying with strong positions because of the emission of chlorine powder, and the past must be washed, Strong Chlorine can be absorbed emissions. In early 2003, when the plant expansion in the use of bag filter replacement scrubber. As the bag filter effects, greatly reduced emissions Strong Chlorine content, and thus, emissions are not washed with water, saving a huge amount of water. In fact, the hydrolysis pot containing water vapor exhaust gas and hydrogen chloride, hydrogen chloride absorption should be washed with emissions. Two years ago, the plant used to replace water cooler pump absorption of hydrogen chloride graphite, graphite water-cooled condensers use indirect means to control the temperature of the water to prevent the direct discharge.



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