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Company held an annual 60,000 tons of PVC membrane




  Writer:NANING CHEMICAL GROUP CO.,LTD. Click:14636 Addtime:2006-8-16 6:31:47

August 23 morning, the company held an annual output of 60,000 tons of PVC membrane caustic soda and related project will be completed in the ceremony.

Urban SAC chairman, presided over the opening ceremony Lin opened. Also attending today's opening ceremony of the Standing Committee of the regional party committee and secretary of the city party committee, MA Biao, Mayor Lin Guoqiang and Zhang Liang, chairman of the CPPCC and the four team leaders and relevant departments of the regional Economic Commission, the SDRC, the SASAC, China Merchants and other relevant departments. Joint-stock companies, party secretary and chairman of China Chen set speech. On behalf of all the staff and leadership team to attend the opening ceremony of the municipal departments and district leaders, Japanese experts, equipment suppliers, to participate in the construction of a sister unit to extend a warm welcome and heartfelt thanks. He said that supporting membrane caustic soda and PVC project will be completed, the company shares some of the original 160,000 tons of caustic soda production could increase to 22 million tons of PVC from the original 60,000 tons to 120,000 tons. 470 million in additional annual sales income is expected to profit 58 million yuan, 32 million yuan in taxes.

The development will enter a period of stable and rapid development. Currently, the city party committee and government decided in the framework of the "100 industrial projects battle," and to realize the "three billion" target and "two hundred billion" goal-oriented to the south, with both an opportunity and a challenge, we should adhere to the "Three Represents" as the guide, Nanning City put the "three billion" target and "two hundred billion" as a goal the development of the South the opportunity, with an annual output of 60,000 tons of ion film caustic soda, PVC and supporting project will be completed as a new starting point to further enhance the sense of responsibility and sense of urgency, a sense of crisis, a pioneering spirit, strengthen management, seize the opportunity and take advantage of the situation, the bigger and stronger the main chlor-alkali industry. Nanning, the capital to ensure the realization of "three billion" target and "two hundred billion" target efforts.

In the opening ceremony, four team leaders and the District of Nanning City leaders cut the ribbon for the project will be completed.



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